Learn about the professions with which you can be a digital nomad!

Although many jobs are indeed disappearing due to technological advances that lead to process automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics as stated by the ILO, there are certain skills that you can acquire and that definitely will not become obsolete in a couple of years. 

However, it also depends on how we choose to see the glass. It is these same technologies that have allowed us to train ourselves and choose a nomadic lifestyle and it is thanks to them that we can work from wherever we want, without compromising our quality of life.

This would be the case for some skills and competencies, which allow you this lifestyle. Do you want to know if you can start your path as a digital nomad? or Would you like to train yourself in any of these skills or competencies to become one?

Keep reading to find out about the profiles that allow you to work from anywhere, you can do it from platforms like WacoApp so that you consider your place in a digital work community.

Professions and profiles to work as a digital nomad

In this section you will learn about the profiles that are most suitable for working remotely. At WacoHub, we made a tour of several sites to extract the information that you will find below, in a grouped way, about those professions that would allow you to work from anywhere in the world.

This is so that you recognize if at this moment your profession puts you on the side of the future of work, as well as so that you are encouraged to train in one of them, the one that you are most passionate about, to become a nomad.

All careers related to digital marketing

We well know that digital marketing is made up of several people who make the planning and execution of a marketing strategy possible. Therefore, if you know the definition of a marketing strategy, budgets, and management of different social networks to capture a strategy, the digital world is for you.

Graphic design and professions related to audiovisual production

Like the profiles that belong to marketing, designers are also responsible for communicating most accurately what was proposed in the strategy as well as what the client wants through different visual pieces.

The same happens with audiovisual production. Both designers and producers are experts in what they do, but also in understanding the needs and vanguards of the market and what customers need.

The best part of this is that the market needs more and more people to spend their time doing what social networks and web pages need, and you can do it from the tranquility of the place where you are.

SEO Copywriter & Copywriter

Do you know how to write and the organic positioning of web pages catches your attention? Or are you excited to create attractive texts that generate engagement with those who read you?

Congratulations, the digital market awaits you. It is important that you are learning about new search engine updates and that you recognize the ways that make a person see your project as attractive.

As advice and from our experience, it is that you write with people in mind. Increasingly, search engines focus on the user experience and in this way they qualify better, while users who find valuable content in what you do will thank you at some point in their journey.

Design and development of websites and apps

Today it is a requirement to have web pages and applications on different businesses. Therefore, you are a person trained to renew web pages, create new ones or maintain them, or on the contrary, you can develop applications that make people’s lives easier, the digital world is yours.

Skills are not professions, and we know that at the WacoApp

As you can see, we talked about some groups of professions that are useful for the future of work. However, we also recognize that education is changing, and we may prefer to spend less time, money, and effort becoming experts in a single subject or skill, without compromising the quality of what we do.

For this reason, more than professions, in the WacoApp you will find an extensive list of skills that remain consistent with the digital nomad lifestyle. You, from your profile, select them and indicate how good you are at that skill. It can be a verified skill, by certifications for example, or the very results of your work can speak for you.

Remember that you will always be valued for the quality of the service you provide and in this way, the offers you are looking for will continue to arrive.

Some of the skills you can indicate are:

  • YouTube ads
  •  Adobe After Effects
  •  Google and Facebook performance ads
  •  Meta Manager
  •  Reporting and Analytics
  •  e-commerce
  •  WordPress
  •  adobe illustrator
  •  marketing funnels
  •  Metricool
  •  crms
  •  Among many others. Remember that you can review them by entering your profile on the WacoApp by entering and registering completely free here.

And to you, do professions or the specialization in skill as we present them in the WacoApp attract your attention more? In any case, whether you are a professional or a specialist in an area or subject, you will have a place in the application. Therefore, you will have a place in the future of work that is in the digital world.

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We are the platform that allows all digital nomads to find job opportunities, set up their own digital agency, sell and commission projects, refer contacts, have their own CRM, create work teams, meditate, learn new skills and much more ⚡

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Become a digital nomad now!

We are the platform that allows all digital nomads to find job opportunities, set up their own digital agency, sell and commission projects, refer contacts, have their own CRM, create work teams, meditate, learn new skills and much more ⚡