Find out if you are a creative person

Do you have the profile of a creative person? What characteristics would you have according to psychology? If you are a digital nomad, you probably already characterize yourself as an adventurous person, who doesn’t feel comfortable following schemes. 

However, we well know that creativity can become an abstract concept that sometimes seems unattainable. This, despite the fact that we are part of the community of people who work and travel at the same time, with a nomadic lifestyle who constantly adapt to the world around them according to need.

Definition of creativity

As we mentioned earlier, creativity is a complex concept to grasp. And don’t worry, it isn’t just complex for you or for the digital nomads in our community. It has been complex for fields such as psychology, pedagogy and advertising – how not? -. The word creativity has its roots in the Latin word and comes from the term creare, which means to create something new.

But, we, passionate and curious to define it better and to be able to solve the mystery that surrounds it, carried out a search that led us to enrich that definition.

Creativity, imagination or divergent thinking is the generation of new ideas, with the characteristic that in order to generate them, we need what already exists. We need to know what already exists in order to be able to relate it in a way that we had not related it before and thus produce original solutions to specific problems.

It is also said that creativity, if we want and believe, is also that divine quality that connects us with the infinite and with God.

What characteristics does a creative person have?

Staying with the generation of new ideas from what already exists, what characterizes a creative person? What are their qualities and personality traits?

It has been proven that, generally, creative people tend to be introverted and acutely intuitive since they have an interest in discovering the meaning of the world around them. They often show some difficulty relating to others, but they are not prejudiced or conventional; they are not very interested in continuing and replicating traditions.

In addition to being sensitive and self-aware, creative people are also:

  • confident of themselves
  • flexible
  • High capacity to associate
  • Perceptive
  • intuitive
  • critical

Among other qualities, which can be limited to the following:

Creative people are always in search of ‘that element’. That topic, project, contribution that will make them leave a mark on their life, with passion involved.

Also, and contrary to what we normally think, a creative person is constant and hard-working. Ideas are neither instantaneous nor spontaneous, they require time and effort to reach them.

They are risk takers, or at least, they are willing to step out of their comfort zone. Just as good ideas require effort, they also require adventures outside the already known world of ideas.

If I have a creative block, what can I do?

Be calm. More than one digital nomad does not fit these profiles and that doesn’t necessarily make us bad at what we do. Neither are we if at some point along this path we come across a creative block.

This has its antecedents: while we grow up, we go through different social spheres that teach us to be subjects within a society. To act, speak, dress, respond as we should or as is expected of us. Therefore, we incorporate a series of rules and models that make us part of a community, and acting outside those rules and models would make us not belong.

We always want to belong. So let’s not feel guilty for not generating new ideas that solve problems, if it was what we were always taught: not to think about the new. Blocks to creativity are more common than we think.

However, fortunately for us, and although creativity is not taught, it can be exercised and learned as soon as we break with routine life. If you want to know how to do it, you can apply these four key concepts that are a guide to achieve it.


And you, do you meet any of these characteristics? Remember that we are speaking from the generality, because we know that in the digital world, talents are found in a very diverse spectrum of capabilities. We are a community that, more than anything, welcomes the tastes and strengths of each nomad.

Always remember to train yourself and above all, keep curiosity alive to continue with the search of that great idea that gives meaning to your world. The creative person, more than with a profile, complies with being a person who constantly strives to reach their answers, even if that generates more questions. 

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Become a digital nomad now!

We are the platform that allows all digital nomads to find job opportunities, set up their own digital agency, sell and commission projects, refer contacts, have their own CRM, create work teams, meditate, learn new skills and much more ⚡