Digital nomad, be creative based on these 4 key concepts

If you are a nomad living in the digital world, you have probably come across the same question more than once: What is creativity and how can I be more creative? In this article we collect some concepts that you can take into account to train your creativity.

How to enhance your creative self from 4 keys?

In our time at the academy, the different professional careers and training courses, we have realized that they do not necessarily train us in how to think creatively and more and more we are thinking inside the box, while the world is demanding the opposite.

Thus, we find the book Where Good Ideas Come From – in Spanish ‘De dónde provienen las buenas ideas’ – by Steven Johnson. He proposes six key concepts that will help you understand much more about creative thinking . And they will map out a route on how to strengthen it with your own methods and paths.

Below, we present four of the six concepts that seem most relevant to your path as a digital nomad. The possible adjacent, liquid systems, serendipity, and error.

Explore the adjacent possible or the possible adjacent

Everything we see and perceive in the world is in constant transformation. But if we extend this idea a little more, what is current doesn’t transform into something completely new and unexpected.

The changes occur thanks to a horizon that we can visualize, the horizon of the changes that we need and for which as a society we are ready.

For this reason, it is important that more than settling in the present, we always think, from the essence of digital nomads, about how to explore the borders of those possibilities that surround us.

For this, change spaces, habits, explore, investigate and discuss with others what is new for you.

Favor liquid systems

However, now the question arises about how to explore that horizon of possibilities and what are the spaces in which you can do it?

For this, Johnson speaks, on the one hand, of finding work and professional environments that have a liquid composition. Not as rigid as the solid state of matter, in which molecules cannot move, nor as volatile as the gaseous state in which chaos dominates. Better we opt for a liquid system, which does not destroy the new relationships created, but which does generate connection between random molecules. That is to say, that it favors the creation of something new.

On the other hand, it is also necessary that these spaces, which may well be physical, conceptual, of ideas and people, constantly push for the exploration of the limits of the possible adjacent. This without putting at risk the durability of what we have in the present.

Look for situations and environments that favor serendipity

When we have a system that favors the discovery of the possible adjacent, it is likely that we will run into happy accidents or “eureka moments”.

But we well know that these moments do not arise as frequently as we would like or in the spaces that we allocate for their generation. Sometimes they can happen before we fall asleep, on our way to work or in the bathroom.

In order for that moment not to be so random, we must be active in the search for information that generates new neuronal connections to be able to link two powerful ideas together, and thus, reach that great Eureka!

Do not fear the error

Johnson says that being right leaves you in one place, while being wrong forces you to move and explore. And while it doesn’t guarantee you’ll find the horizon of the possible adjacent, it definitely makes you search and explore with greater depth and vehemence.

Be careful: it is not to err for the sake of erring. The failure that mobilizes is the one that you arrived at after having made an honest attempt to do something different and new. Do not stay with incomplete failure, which is due to a lack of effort and personal will.


We have just reviewed some concepts that, if you did not notice, are related to each other. Facing the error, finding the most liquid system of ideas, work and professional life, which in turn favors the finding of serendipities, are wills and actions that are directed towards finding the possible adjacent of the present.

The idea is that you use each of these concepts in your current environment. They are not straitjackets and it depends on the interpretation you give to these concepts in your daily life. Each nomadic path has different horizons of possibilities, the important thing is that you never stay still. 

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We are the platform that allows all digital nomads to find job opportunities, set up their own digital agency, sell and commission projects, refer contacts, have their own CRM, create work teams, meditate, learn new skills and much more ⚡